About this blog

Hello, I’m Matt and I’m a vegetarian.


As a life-long Londoner and a life-long vegetarian I have, by proxy at least, sampled a fair few veggie burgers in my time.

With the recent rise of ‘dude cuisine’ across the world and, in particular, our great city, I noticed a reviewing niche that needed to be explored – all these burger places and nobody’s repping the Veggies!

The only veggie burger reviews I would come across would be meat-eaters doing meat-free months and doing the obvious thing by comparing their veggie burger experiences at their favourite burger restaurants to the beef burgers. Having never tried a beef burger the only things I can compare a veggie burger to are other veggie burgers.

Moreover, a veggie burger shouldn’t be seen as a lesser alternative, or an afterthought, they should be celebrated in their own right – long live the veggie burger!

This blog is a celebration of, and a journey through London’s burger restaurants, one veggie burger at a time.




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